General Disputes

2D Law have assisted many clients to resolve situations that they thought were irresolvable.

I. BUSINESS DISPUTES – disputes between companies relating to products, competition between businesses, disputes over partnerships, shares in partnerships or the valuation of a partnership.

II. CONSUMER DISPUTES – disputes with finance companies over loans, finance agreements, debt recovery – private and commercial, hire purchase agreements, car finance disputes or faulty vehicles.

III. BUILDINGS – Disputes about construction of buildings, their design and fit for purpose.

IV. CONTRACTUAL DISPUTES – disputes relating to the supply and sale of goods.

V. GENERAL DISPUTES – neighbour disputes and boundary disputes, agreements between families and friends.

What makes us different when dealing with your dispute, claim or any other legal issue?

We do not take on every legal case regardless, we will be open and honest with you at all stages, from the initial free consultation to discuss your case, case, costs, feedback and the likelihood of success.

For a FREE legal consultation with one of our highly experienced Barristers please email or call us on 01743 539569 and we will get back to you at our earliest opportunity.

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